Lipstick and Lust
A great Dyke March, battles with Saturn and exes
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

She was so tasty that, in the middle of the Dyke March, I simply had to bite her, and the giggle that followed made it totally worth it. Then there was the wiggly blonde I kissed on the neck, who also giggled. Yes, dahlings, this year's Dyke March was heaven on earth in "rat city" for this little love-starved Bi girl. And considering that, according to an astrologer friend, Leah (who this one wrote after a time spent rolled in a ball, sobbing like a 5-year-old after this one left the Solstice Parade for the comfort of The Digs a couple of weeks ago), Saturn's been squaring and transiting Venus - my planet of love - getting any kind of "akshon" is a good thing. I heart you, young, jiggly dykes who made the parade even that much better, and brought the noise while hundreds of us marched last weekend.

Oh, and huge props to those folks who lined Broadway and the route along 12th Avenue and cheered us on. Guess there was a Pride event on Capitol Hill after all, and yay for that.

The rest of the weekend this one just did usual stuff, like go to the Ballard Farmer's Market, try to swim, only to find the downtown YMCA closing (and the desk staff treating this one like scum when she inquired if they were serious, since this one had raced through mind-melting heat to get there), then just enjoy the GBLT buzz all over the city, not just on the Hill. We are, and were, everywhere, and it was/is a beautiful thing, my little strawberries. Kisses and hugs to all of you beautiful grrlz and bois, and don't forget, on July 12, you can come and party with this one in Tacoma at Lincoln Park for Out In the Park, Tacoma's Pride celebration. I personally can't wait, since I'm moving to Tacoma (sometime this year) and I want to see what my new community looks like.

Ah, and life has been most interesting - code for pretty messed up. Still having a hard time buying my meds - hey, this package is pretty, but it has some medical issues, okay - and the folks at my local Bartels are losing their compassion (guess the insurance companies are putting on the pressure), but still they have been pretty nice. Also, this one's soldier, "new army sweetie," did finally leave a voicemail message, but we have not met in person, nor have I met my Florida soljah, or the folks who answered my Craigslist ad. That one managed to stay on for a whole night before a hater flagged and removed it. Before that, I'm guessing one of my nutjob exes (the one who wears that hat that looks like one could cook soup in it, so I've started calling that one "Kettlehead") removed the others, convinced I'll lose my mind again and sauce up that tawdry van that one calls home. Not gonna happen, Kettlehead. And not gonna respond to my other nutjob ex, who this one saw at the Dyke March, being her usual completely ka-razy self. I'm guessing it's time to move when there are too many nutty exes around. Oh, definitely.

So, besides this and choking to death on cigarette smoke from my wacko, chimney-faced neighbor, who likes to fill my apartment with toxic fumes, when that one gives in to the horrid addiction that seems to engulf that one all the damned time, what have I been up to? Oh, I cannot wait to move to Tacoma, to a place surrounded by trees and fresh air, without toxic, crazy neighbors in the SHA hellhole I live in now.

Well, this one wore L'Occitane's new Cherry eau de toilette on Pride Day and felt delicious and got flirted with by this cute femme on the number 10 on the way back to The Digs, so you should try and see what happens to you. Pick it up at the L'Occitane store in Pacific Place, and they're having a sale, so get in there ASAP. Also, do, do, do try Desert Essence Jojoba oil, especially if you have dreads or braids (like this one does), and, believe me, your crown of glory will be glorious if you use this every day. You can also use it after a shower or bath to soften your skin after sun exposure, too.

Finally, now that summer is here, you need some brighter colors for La Peeps, so do try Wet 'n Wild's new line of delish colors for your eyes, like my favorite turquoise eye pencil and liquid liner. There's a lot of cheap and wonderful colors, so mix and match and, believe me, you won't go broke doing it. Pick these up at Bartels and the Jojoba Oil at Madison Market. Also, if you aren't shopping at the farmer's markets of late, honey, you should be, and then you'll know what strawberries are supposed to taste like and how delish corn can be, and it won't cost as much as QFC and Safeway are charging here lately.

So, my little ripe tomatoes, that's it for now, and hope you have a safe and sane 4th of July and that my summer improves once Saturn gets up off my Venus, so this one can enjoy some lovin' again. I can hope, and I am. Oh, and big props to all those firemen, helping folks in Cali save their homes from fire, and the National Guardsmen and women helping there and in those flooded towns in the Midwest. You got my heart, you sweet ones, you.

And one last thing, this one did love The Incredible Hulk, and that's all I have to say about that, except go see it and love it, too. Kisses to all you who marched, danced and kissed in the street for Pride, and hope to see you in Tacoma on the 12th. Buhbye!