Youth Suicide Prevention Program receives Mayor's Award
Youth Suicide Prevention Program receives Mayor's Award
Studies show that GLBTQ youth are at an increased risk for suicidal thoughts and self-harm. This is due, in part, to rejection by friends and family (and fear of this rejection), homophobia/Transphobia, internalized conflict, negative coming-out experiences, and lack of access to Gay/Trans-friendly healthcare services. Aware of these issues, a local non-profit, Youth Suicide Prevention Program, expanded their program to focus on prevention and education with GLBTQ youth and the providers who serve them. This new position was created in 2007, through a grant received from The Raynier Institute and Foundation.

Heather Carter, the GLBTQ project coordinator, has been reaching out to the GLBT community to identify the significant issues related to suicide prevention and early intervention with the youth they serve. She has also worked closely with GLBT focused organizations such as The Safe Schools Coalition and the GLBTQ Youth Program of The American Friends Service Committee to increase support for GLBTQ youth across the state.

Through participation on multiple youth focused committees around King County, YSPP has ensured that GLBTQ youth and the challenges they face are constantly part of the discussion when these providers speak of the issues their youth face.

As a result of this outreach, YSPP received the 2008 Seattle Mayor's Award for their work in increasing support for GLBTQ youth in our communities. In addition, Mayor Nickels proclaimed June 5, 2008 GLBTQ Youth Suicide Prevention Day.

For more information about YSPP or the GLBTQ Youth Project, please contact Heather Carter at 206-297-5922 ext. 116 or e-mail Heather at or visit