September 1, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 35
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Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury criticized for urging Gays to 'change'
Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury criticized for urging Gays to 'change'
The Archbishop of Canterbury's latest pronouncement in which he tells Gays that they are not welcome in his Church unless they "change their ways", was condemned today as "spineless" by the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA).

GALHA's Secretary George Broadhead said: "Rowan Williams has now made it clear that he has thrown in his lot with the religious right, and confirmed himself to be a kind of Vicar of Bray figure - changing his opinions to fit in with the mood of the times rather than sticking to his principles. If anyone in the Anglican Church was in any doubt about where Williams stood on Gay rights, they now know."

Mr Broadhead said that if the suggestions that up to a third of Anglican clergy are Gay is true, then there should be a mass exodus from the church. "How anyone with a grain of self-respect would want to serve under a man who has betrayed them so badly is incomprehensible. Gay people should leave the church in their droves."

Mr Broadhead pointed out that the Church of England is established by law and has political power in this country with its bishops sitting in the House of Lords. "This is not just a matter for Gay Christians. The Anglican Church's swing to the right affects all of us. There have been increasing examples of the bishops in the House of Lords opposing Gay rights. Indeed, they argued strongly that the Church should be exempted from the forthcoming legislation banning discrimination against Gay people in the provision of goods and services. The latest move by this spineless Archbishop should serve as a warning signal to all Gay people - religious or not. Religion has declared war on them."

A GALHA press release

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