September 1, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 35
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Another Gay Movie is familiar but funny
Another Gay Movie is familiar but funny
by Lorelei Quenzer - SGN A&E Writer

Another Gay Movie

Directed by Todd Stephens

Starring Michael Carbonaro, Mitch Morris, Scott Thompson and Graham Norton

Opens today at Landmark Varsity Theatre

You already think you know if you're the kind of guy - or gal - who will appreciate the humor of Another Gay Movie. I'll say it now: I thought I knew, too. But I was wrong. Yes, it's crude, raunchy and sophomoric, full of gross-out gags and tasteless jokes. It's also a lot of fun once you've strapped yourself in for the ride.

In a fantasy high school where it seems that being Gay is a non-issue, four buddies are out to lose their anal virginity before the summer is out. These guys could just as easily be the victims in a slasher movie, if the victims were straight out of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue. You know the types: there's Andy, the boy next door (Michael Carbonaro), Jarod the jock (Jonathan Chase), Griff the nerd (Mitch Morris), and the flamboyant Nico (Jonah Blechman). Okay, I guess that last one doesn't quite fit the horror-movie or A&F stereotypes, but someone's got to camp it up.

Boys just wanna get laid, and these four are no exception. How they go about it is very familiar. This isn't just an homage to American Pie or Not Another Teen Movie; there's some downright stealing going on. And why not? A warm quiche seems just as American - and certainly makes just as much sense - as the titular dessert. Andy's the wanker who fingers the pie in question, but not before he's tried all of the vegetables in his refrigerator in his quest to do "the big A." Jarod, who has a size issue, gets his unit caught in an enlargement device; meanwhile Griff is doing some pining for his best friend - I doubt he'd care that Jarod's a little, uh, little.

There's a reason - many reasons, in fact - why this movie is being released unrated. I won't be taking my niece or parents to it, that's for sure. It's too bad that some of the skin wasn't cut out, because I can't think of a better audience for this kind of humor than the 15-17-year olds who will pay good money to see worse. Of course the sexual references alone would keep it in the "R" category, but that didn't stop kids from seeing the films Another Gay Movie riffs on.

This is clearly not a message movie, but I like that director Todd Stephens (Edge of Seventeen, Gypsy 83) has created a world where Gayness is Brady-Bunch normal. Normal and rife for lampooning; Another Gay Movie skewers the traditional teen road trip/lose-your-virginity romp. It features appearances from a number of Gay icons, including Scott Thompson ("Kids in the Hall") and John Epperson (aka Lypsinka) as Andy's semi-clueless parents. BBC talk show host Graham Norton is a teacher Andy has a crush on, and Nancy Sinatra performs the theme song, "Another Gay Sunshine Day." Can this movie get any Gayer?

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