August 18, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 33
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Rex Wockner
International News

Two British Lesbians who tried to get their Canadian marriage recognized in the United Kingdom failed July 31.

U.K. law automatically converts foreign same-sex marriages into U.K. civil partnerships, which nonetheless provide all the same rights and obligations.

Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger, who were married in Vancouver in 2003, denounced the decision by Sir Mark Potter, president of the London High Court Family Division, as "profoundly discriminatory [and] an affront to social justice and human rights."

"We feel distressed, demeaned and humiliated," they said in an e-mail.

In his ruling, Potter said: "Parliament has not called partnerships between persons of the same sex marriage, not because they are considered inferior to the institution of marriage but because, as a matter of objective fact and common understanding ... they are indeed different.

"To accord a same-sex relationship the title and status of marriage would ... fail to recognize physical reality."

Kitzinger, 49, is a sociology professor at the University of York. Wilkinson, 52, directs the social psychology degree program at Loughborough University in Leicestershire.

The couple said they may appeal the ruling, though they're very concerned that the government is now seeking £25,000 (US$46,850) in costs from them for the High Court case - an amount roughly equal to their life savings.


An assumed Lesbian couple was stabbed to death in late June in Bull Bay, Jamaica.

The bodies of Candice Williams and Phoebe Myrie were found dumped in a septic pit behind a home they shared, Human Rights Watch said.

Police said an estranged male partner of Williams is the prime suspect, and that the apparent relationship between the women was the likely motive for the crime. But HRW said police have failed to investigate further or question the man.

In a July 27 letter to Minister of National Security Peter David Phillips, the organization wrote, "Human Rights Watch has documented an atmosphere of homophobic intolerance and violence in Jamaica, and a pattern of indifference or reluctance to investigate such violence on the part of the police."


Authorities in Klaipeda, Lithuania, a city on the nation's west coast, prohibited a planned Gay pride parade, the Russian wire service Interfax reported July 28.

The parade was to coincide with Klaipeda's 754th anniversary celebrations Aug. 1.

Mayor Rimantas Taraskevicius' office said the request to hold the parade lacked details about its route, time, reason and number of participants.
"Just because he doesn't bat for the team doesn't mean he doesn't go to bat for Gay rights. He's here. He's not Queer. But we're used to it."

-Will & Grace actress Megan Mullally introducing Chicago Mayor Richard Daley at the Gay Games opening ceremonies July 16 at Soldier Field.

"Let there be no doubt that there will be a time, perhaps not long from now, when Americans will shake their heads that such bigotry against Gays and Lesbians could prevail in the early years of the 21st century. The arguments against allowing same-sex couples to marry will then seem as universally ludicrous as the notion that anyone in modern history could defend segregated schools, separate drinking fountains or prohibitions on mixed-race marriages. The curious logic behind last week's New York Court of Appeals ruling against same-sex marriage was reminiscent of the rationalizations to preserve Jim Crow laws right up to the 1964 passage of the Civil Rights Act."

-San Francisco Chronicle editorial, July 10.

"It took the Supreme Court until 1967 - 1967! - to strike down odiously racist anti-miscegenation laws. Someday we'll look back on the anti-Gay-marriage hysteria with the same revulsion."

-Los Angeles Times editorial, July 10.

"New York's top court rules Gays can't marry 'cause heterosexual unions are too unstable! The bizarre ... ruling on July 6 actually declared that lawmakers could rationally believe that because man-woman 'relationships are all too often casual or temporary' they require a special 'inducement in the form of marriage and its attendant benefits' for them to commit for the welfare of accidentally conceived children. Despite the myth that Gay couples are the unstable, irresponsible ones, the court weirdly concluded that because Gay couples' children are wanted and planned - not 'a result of accident or impulse' - those of us who're Gay can legally be denied marriage licenses in New York state."

-Syndicated Lesbian columnist Deb Price, July 10.

"Today's tortured and intellectually strained decision is beyond disappointing. It is insulting to Gay and Lesbian people and our families. ... It is a disgrace to the constitution and the people of New York. The majority opinion offers utterly absurd reasons why the Legislature could choose to limit marriage to opposite sex couples."

-National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Executive Director Matt Foreman after New York state's highest court ruled 4-2 July 6 that the state ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional - and punted the question of any change in law to the Legislature.

"Today's decision by the New York Court of Appeals, which relies on outdated and bigoted notions about families, is deeply disappointing, but it does not end the effort to achieve this goal. As that essential process moves forward, it is up to the state Legislature to act to protect the equal rights of every New Yorker."

-Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean after New York state's highest court ruled 4-2 July 6 that the state ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional - and punted the question of any change in law to the Legislature.

"I would sign the marriage equality bill because I believe if we can get behind people to build a lasting relationship, that is a good thing."

-California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides at a July 7 press conference. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage last year. It was the first time any U.S. legislature had passed such a bill. Schwarzenegger and Angelides face off in November.

"Bush can in no way risk alienating the ultra-right-wing bonk-job contingent that put him in office (they are, considering Bush's 32-percent approval rating, the only ones left even remotely supporting him - even though, according to many estimates, they're starting to abandon him, too), and hence all policy and all agenda items from here on out will be even more vicious and desperate in an attempt to shore up the base. Hence trying to mutilate the Constitution to ban Gay marriage. Hence attacking the New York Times and claiming newspapers are endangering American lives. In other words, Bush's latest nasty, Rove-designed salvos and upcoming attacks to save a sliver of power and pride and sneering GOP control are just the beginning."

-San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford, July 7.

"The history of this [the Democratic] party is civil rights, women's rights, human rights, labor rights, Gay and Lesbian rights. And for us to hold up civil unions and say that separate is somehow now equal - when just a year-and-a-half ago we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board - is transparent to the people. They see through the Democrats."

-San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to, July 13.

"Late in the book, [Mary Cheney] describes hissing a furious expletive at the TV when Senator John Kerry referred to her as a 'Lesbian' in the third 2004 presidential debate (she prefers referring at arm's length to 'my sexual orientation,' as if it were an intransigent military position, perhaps, or a pesky shadow she just can't shake). She was angry, among other reasons, she writes, because 'he had used the word "Lesbian," instead of the more common and politically neutral term "Gay."'"

-From a New York Times review of vice presidential daughter Mary Cheney's book, July 10.

"Sometimes I'll meet a guy at a bar and they won't stop talking about her. After the eleventh question, I'll say: 'That's enough, I'm not her. Call her up. You want to ask her that question, call her up. Give me a fucking break.'"

-Madonna's Gay brother, Christopher Ciccone, to Britain's Attitude magazine, July issue.

"I never really tried to hide it [my homosexuality]. I just lived my life naturally and did what I wanted to do, but I didn't put it in anybody's face."

-1960s pop-music star Lesley Gore (It's My Party) to Los Angeles' Lesbian News, July issue.

"I can easily go off and not be communicative. ... So [my longtime partner] Lois is good for me because she likes to talk everything through from the color of the toilet paper to the kind of soap we use."

-1960s pop-music star Lesley Gore (It's My Party) to Los Angeles' Lesbian News, July issue.

"If someone loved my music as a teenager and now finds out that I'm Gay and it helps him or her in some way, then that's great. It is a double-edged sword, though. God only knows what the old fans think. I'm not really sure. Most of the new music I am putting out now is only available online, so it involves a younger audience. They are very accepting and very open and they do seem to be supporting the new album. Some of the older fans aren't computer-savvy. It's not even something they want to get into, so I'm not really sure what the balance is there."

-1960s pop-music star Lesley Gore (It's My Party) to Los Angeles' Lesbian News, July issue.

"Word up to you bloated roid runts: Your face is the size of a pumpkin, yet we're not supposed to notice that you use? Give me a break, and give up the juice you silly goose, cuz don't nobody want you, but YOU ... and your mom, and MAYBE baby Jesus."

-Columnist Paulo Murillo in the Los Angeles Gay newspaper FAB!, July 16.

"You might think 'Pink Flamingos' started with a Gay audience. It didn't at all. It started at an angry, hippie heterosexual audience that were punks that didn't even know it. I've always said that my audience is minorities that don't fit in with their own minorities."

-Gay filmmaker John Waters to the Michigan Gay newspaper Between The Lines, July

"I wish I could be that size [starlet size], but I can't be. I enjoy food too much. In the end, I'm too hedonistic. I enjoy pleasures."

-Liz Taylor to Harper's Bazaar, August issue.

"Men first. Myself. Then other women. 'Cause you can't please women. They are horribly critical of each other. And more so if you're famous. Meow."

-Liz Taylor, when asked who she dresses for, to Harper's Bazaar, August issue.

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