August 18, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 33
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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
Backstage with Wolfmother + spotting Chad Smith and DJ Harms at Endfest; post-show cocktails with Joshua Radin; James Blunt tickets going on sale; Muse and Snow Patrol announce Seattle concerts
From me to Wolfmother: Utrecht goodies, AC/DC pins and jellybeans

Myles Heskett is an angel. In May, Sufjan Stevens (high maintenance!!) canceled a big interview with us on very short notice. Enter Myles Heskett, cutie pie drummer for hard rock band Wolfmother. He gladly offered to step in at the last minute and be the feature artist interview for our Sasquatch Music Festival preview, saving us from splattered egg on our faces after we promised everyone a good interview leading up to the weekend-long concert at The Gorge. To thank him, I did what any thoughtful Gay boy would do to please a straight guy. Ha! Not that! The other thing. I went shopping for him.

A former graphic designer, Heskett loves to sketch and draw while on tour. So I went to Utrecht arts supply store on Capitol Hill, where a dorky-hot guy with glasses and navy blue pants helped me pick out items for Heskett. Honestly, the dorky-hot guy (who rides my morning bus often) didn't really help out, I'm just giving him credit because it'll make both of us feel better. Anyway, I didn't want to exclude fellow band members Chris Ross and Andrew Stockdale, so I bought them AC/DC stick pins at Red Light, plus Hot Tamales and Mike n' Ike jellybeans at QFC. I used metallic stickers and label maker strips to decorate everything. And, just before Wolfmother went onstage at White River Amphitheatre on Saturday, as part of 107.7's Endfest, I presented each of them with their gifts backstage. Ross, the bassist, ate a bunch of jellybeans right away. Stockdale, lead singer and guitarist, said thanks and saved his for later. Heskett sweetly said thank you, and I was told afterwards that he totally loved his gift. The moral of this story is the way to a man's heart is to get him something he really wants. Snack food and artsy stuff worked for me.

Endfest VIP Lounge spottings: Chili Pepper Chad Smith and The End's DJ Harms

On a measly writer's wage, I'm always thankful when someone else foots my food and beverage bill at a concert. That said, 107.7 The End graciously admitted me into their "Endfest VIP Lounge" at Saturday's all-day show. Salads, sandwiches, fresh corn on the cob, meat skewers and free drinks were available, plus a stunning view of Mt. Rainier. Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith made a brief appearance at the lounge. He was one table away from us. A pack of annoyingly giddy women encircled him and took pictures of him with their cell phones. We just sat and stared at Smith, and his healthy pecs. Another rock notable spotted in the VIP Lounge was DJ Harms, who broadcasts weekday evenings and nights on The End. He's so cute. As my friend Tommy (of Manray fame) puts it, "He's adorable. I want to squeeze him!". I'd like to squeeze him too. I haven't decided where yet. It's a tie between his upper and lower cheeks. I re-spotted Harms watching the Red Hot Chili Peppers, standing by himself in the pit wearing cargo shorts and a striped shirt. Tasty eye-candy. I hope Harms comes in several flavors.

Joshua Radin's post-Neumos diary: great show, got hit on by guys, free underwear

Minutes after his performance at Neumos last weekend, Joshua Radin said he was hit on by guys. Well, duh. If you look like that the boys are going to take notice. Fortunately, the rising singer-songwriter has no problem getting hit on by Gay men. That's show business. If you don't have Gay fans, concentrate on your talent. Radin was very appreciative of a great show that drew over 500 people to Neumos. We had beers together after he signed CDs for a line of fans. He was exhausted from flying, sitting in a van and playing several concerts in a matter of days, so he was really looking forward to a good night's sleep at his hotel. I gave him a fresh pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs, exactly what he asked for in our interview from a week ago, and he was pretty excited about that. In fact, he left a message on my cell phone the next day telling me he was already breaking his new underwear in. Sweet. Like I said, give men what they really want. Or need.

James Blunt tickets on sale August 19

You were tipped right here in "The Music Lounge" two weeks ago on James Blunt's upcoming concert at the Everett Events Center on November 6. The only change since then is the ticket on sale date. The new date is tomorrow, August 19 (10am), at all Ticketmaster locations. Prices range from $25 to $50. You can buy tickets three ways. Way one: in person at the Everett Events Center box office. Way two: online at Way three: call 1-866-332-8499. Blunt's previous Seattle outing was a sold out show at the Paramount Theatre in April. He's one of 2006's "it" artists and I'm predicting at least a pair of Grammy nominations for him in December, including a shoe-in nod for Best New Artist.

Snow Patrol reschedules at Moore Theatre, Muse playing at Paramount Theatre

They've canceled two shows in Seattle this year, both due to rare and unfortunate events. But they're determined to play here and fans are more than anxious to see them. Snow Patrol will perform at the Moore Theatre, September 20. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, August 19 (11am), at all Ticketmaster locations. Ticket price is $26. The other exciting concert announcement is Muse at the Paramount Theatre, October 4. The metal-electronic trio's new CD Black Holes and Revelations was recently nominated for the UK's highest industry award, the Mercury Music Prize. Tickets for Muse go on sale tomorrow, August 19 (10am), at all Ticketmaster locations. Ticket price is $30.

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