August 18, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 33
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She Kissed Me - meet the woman who wrote the book all of you will love
She Kissed Me - meet the woman who wrote the book all of you will love
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

I have to confess that after picking up 'She Kissed Me', the result of a six and half year project by author Alison Dubois, and delighting in the marvelously sensuous imagery of women from every stripe of the Lesbian rainbow kissing, I was sorry it took me so long to interview the author. And having devoured several of the pages during my recent vacation, I was glad Alison Dubois (who I spoke with by phone, recently), was patient with my little bout with flakiness and agreed to a short interview to tell me what motivated the book and how the reception's been since the book came out.

Asking her if this was her first book, Dubois said that yes, it was, but she had been published in other anthologies in the last several years. " 'Awakening the Virgin', and 'Early Awakenings, III', as well as 'Up All Night', come to mind, and all of those, like 'She Kissed Me', were published through Alyson Books," she said.

Asked if she was from Washington, she said that she was from Salem, but had decided to settle here, because she liked the Northwest 'a lot'. She went on to say that she'd started the project that became 'She Kissed Me' over six years ago and had advertised for participants in poets and writers magazines, and had gotten an overwhelming response back from the ad she ran in the publication. "Which showed me that Lesbians are very interested in the arts," said Dubois.

She went on to say that a lot of the photos in the book were submitted by women themselves, along with poetry and pieces that added clarity to the photos, and that she had chosen not to alter any of the submissions, because she wanted the women to be able to be represented and to speak for themselves.

"I've been inspired by women being affectionate with each other since grade school and became intrigued with the idea of portraying women in a way that wasn't glossy or glam, but something more realistic. I wanted this book to reflect the more genuine article," she added. She also noted that her assistant, Rylee, had helped a lot in coordinating the book and helping her with the P.R. and all of the 'grunt work' that she's been doing since the book came out.

So, of course you're wondering where you can pick up this incredible book of photos and writings, now that you know such a magical book exists in the world.

"They can get it online through, or from me at, or at Epilogue Books in Ballard, where I did the book-signing recently. They even have a copy of the book and some calendars I did from some of the photos, in their window display," Dubois offered.

According to Dubois, the so far response has been very positive, but she wants more people to know about the book and hopes to be on TV talking about it more.

So, if you need something to lift your spirits or just a book to spend a lush evening with a special someone, or by yourself, enjoying, go out there and get 'She Kissed Me' and, believe me, you'll treasure it now and later.

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