August 4, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 31
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MCC celebrates 34 years in Seattle
MCC celebrates 34 years in Seattle
First to openly minister primarily to LGBT community

Founded in 1972, Metropolitan Community Church Seattle was the first church in the Pacific Northwest to minister openly and primarily to the LGBT community proclaiming that "God loves you, just the way you are." Members come from every conceivable religious and non-religious background, from Catholic to Pentecostal, from Buddhist to agnostic; all are welcomed into its fold. Promoting Christianity that is inclusive, open, innovative, and informed, MCC Seattle is affiliated with The Center for Progressive Christianity (, an organization that seeks to foster the ideals of progressive Christianity - a Christianity that is forward-thinking and not afraid of intellectually engaging people's faith in Jesus Christ.

MCC Seattle is known for the many lives it has touched for good, for the many people it has trained and educated, and for the love it shows to all who enter their doors. MCC is also an open-minded, inclusive, non-dogmatic, and ecumenical community of faith.

MCC Seattle celebrates its 34th Anniversary this month. The Rev. Anne Hulse, pastor of MCC Seattle, announced today that a special anniversary celebration will take place on Sunday, August 13th, at 12:30 pm. It will be held at the Temple de Hirsch Sinai Chapel located at 1441 16th Avenue at E. Pike in Seattle. An ice cream social will follow. All those who have ever been part of MCC are encouraged to come and celebrate.

Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) is a Christian denomination practicing ecumenical and interfaith leadership as an official observer of the World Council of Churches. Founded in 1968 by the Rev. Dr. Troy Perry, MCC had the very first publicly proclaimed ministry of welcome to the LGBT community. The denomination now has churches located in 26 countries and in 237 cities in the United States.

MCC Seattle was the first in Seattle to host Gay AA meetings, the first to give space for the LGBT community to meet, and the first to hold services for LGBT people in Washington State Prisons. MCC Seattle hosted the first city-wide AIDS services, and for several years provided meals to LGBT youth at Lambert House.

During its 34 years, at least a dozen people have entered its doors to train and later go out and minister as clergy to other cities and other churches. MCC Seattle also helped in starting several other churches in Washington, including New Heart MCC in Tacoma.

Since MCC Seattle's start 34 years ago as a lone church serving the GLBT community, Seattle now boasts a great many open and affirming churches proclaiming the worth of their GLBT members. This is due in part to the example and courage of the loving ministry of MCC Seattle.

For more information about the anniversary celebration or MCC, please call 206-325-2421 or email

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