May 19, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 20
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Fourth Mr. and Miss Gay Cinco de Mayo contest
Fourth Mr. and Miss Gay Cinco de Mayo contest
This is the fourth annual contest event sponsored by POCAAN's YES program, it took place this past May 5 at Neighbours Night Club, with the purpose of choosing Mr. and Miss Gay Cinco de Mayo to represent our Latino community in Seattle.

On this occasion there were seven participants, 3 men and 4 women. It was an elegant event, opening with the folkloric dance group "Bailadores de Bronce." This was followed by the presentation of the participants to the audience. The men were: Leo Quiroz, Fernando Joaquín, and Servando. The women were Ana Bella, Joanna, Yuridia, and Aimée.

In the talent competition there were many surprises; all the participants gave their best with wonderful stage delivery. Leo did it with a typical Mexican dance, Fernando Joaquín wearing the traditional "charro" suit, and Servando representing the Mexican idol Juan Gabriel. They were very warmly applauded by all who attended.

Very eagerly awaited was the talent contest for the aspirants to the crown of Miss Gay Cinco de Mayo 2006. Ana Bella, interpreting Ana Gabriel drew the public's strong applause with her colorful gown and because she carried, very high, a Mexican flag. She was immediately followed by Joanna, a very beautiful young woman, and one of the evening's favorites, interpreting Patty Manterola, captivating the public with the sensuality and beauty that characterizes her. Yuridia interpreted Thalia, a Mexican diva, and this placed her among the favorites of the evening. Aimée interpreted one of the major representatives of "ranchero" Mexican music, and her "charro" suit was very dignified and elegant.

We continued with the invited performers: Lola Gia, Penélope, and closing the evening, the presentation by Rebecca "Miss Gay Cinco de Mayo 2005," who demonstrated why she was chosen to be a worthy representative of our community in Seattle with an interpretation of one of the famous Spanish singers, Isabel Pantoja. Rebecca's interpretation was magnificent, done with elegance and dominating the stage, everyone applauded her recognizing her great work and her effort in giving her best.

Finally, the most eagerly awaited event of the evening, who would be the ones wearing the title Mr. and Miss Gay Cinco de Mayo 2006? The delightful ending did not have to be awaited for long: the ribbon and title for first place, Mr. Gay Cinco de Mayo 2006, was presented to Fernando Joaquín by Rodrigo Sacristán, Mr. Gay Cinco de Mayo 2005. In the same manner, the first place for women was awarded to Aimée, who received the ribbon and crown from Rebecca, Miss Gay Cinco de Mayo 2005. This evening has become one of the most eagerly awaited each year by the Latino community.

We also would like to note that throughout the event, POCAAN offered HIV testing and counseling, with counselors who spoke both English and Spanish.

Courtesy of POCAAN

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