April 7, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 14
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A new film for Sharon Stone to show us her stuff, and keep the heart racing all over again
A new film for Sharon Stone to show us her stuff, and keep the heart racing all over again
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Basic Instinct, 2

Directed by Michael Caton-Jones

Starring: Sharon Stone,

David Morrissey, Charlotte Rampling,

David Thewlis, Hugh Dancy,

Laney Ward, Heathcote Williams

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When the first 'Basic Instinct' film came out, feminists went ape over the anti-female message, and I have to say, I agreed. Then I saw an edited version on late night television and then read Dennis Hensley's funny take on the film in his book 'Screening Party' (which I highly recommend!), and wanted more. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about for myself, and having now seen 'Basic Instinct, 2' at a recent screening before the film opened, I can truly say not only have I changed my mind about hating the first one, but I also now am a fan.

The second film has very little to do with the first one, where Stone, who played a cold-hearted, 'cookie' flashing killer, walked away from the grisly murders, free. Nope, this one steers clear of the whole Lesbian-bashing subplot that generated such ire back in the mid-eighties, and goes straight for soft porn via a little side trip into the world of S/M sex. And yes, Stone (this time as a mystery writer with a killing streak) still can steam up this reviewer's glasses when she pulls out the coquette persona.

This she does, after the first body turns up (this one dies giving her the finger, literally!) floating at the bottom of the Thames-this "Instinct's" set in London-and a wimpy psychiatrist (David Morrissey playing the perfect 'bottom') is called in to see if Catherine (Stone) could possibly be the killer or if she's just got some screws loose. Of course our little vixen sets out to seduce the doc, by at first talking dirty, then by accepting his offer to see her as a client, then by ignoring him until he's practically barking and wagging his tale to at least see her again. And when he's near boiling, and after she's taken out a few more of the doc's associates, she lures him to her digs and works him up to the point that he turns the tables on her, and beds her with a vengeance. Ah, but this is a 'scene' that has long ago gotten out of hand, so more deaths occur, and the poor doc ends up completely mindflipped, while Catherine, again, goes free.

So I'm sure there'll be another installment sometime in the future, but I have to say, the idea is getting a bit gamey and maybe the filmmakers should just let it rest here, and Stone should look for films that use more than her sex appeal to get us to watch. Still, this is one steamy ride and if you're the least bit kinky, you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

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