March 3, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 09
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This was one Mardi Gras celebration that also had political purpose along with the fun
This was one Mardi Gras celebration that also had political purpose along with the fun
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Rebuild New Orleans

A celebration in solidarity

With the People of the Gulf Coast

New Freeway Hall

February 25th

Even though a Native American member of the overflow audience rose to make sure that, as he put it, 'you go away with bad memories', and punctuated this statement with intense Native chanting that brought everyone to attention, it was hard not to remember the positive. The event was both a celebration and a benefit for the people of the Gulf Coast, particularly New Orleans, put on by Radical Women at New Freeway Hall.

With powerful speeches by Gloria Boston, Gabriel Prawl and Yvonne Wright-Alley, all of whom have travelled to New Orleans in the clean-up effort and have been involved with groups in Seattle that are helping, the event started on a stirring note. Ending that section of the evening, everyone joined two local students, Waheeda Francis and Shalana Holmes in singing the Black National Anthem.

After this opening, a delicious, authentic Louisiana dinner, including authentic New Orleans gumbo was served, and everyone agreed the chefs were to be praised as this was definitely the best dinner put on by New Freeway Hall and sponsored by The Freedom Socialist Party. Then it was time to dance, party and celebrate New Orleans style to the marvelous music of Blackie Jo James and the Natives, a local blues band that had the joint hopping and booties shakin'. And if you missed the soulful singing of 'Blackie Jo' (aka Glenda, who also prepared the tasty dinner we all so enjoyed) and her 'Natives', you can see them again on the 25th of May at the Salmon Bay Eagles, located at 5216 20th Avenue. Also join Radical Women on March 11th for their International Women's Day celebration, featuring the poetry of Cathy Ruiz, Melissa Noelle Green and Gail Tremblay. For information on this event and RW meetings, call 722-6057.

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