March 3, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 09
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8th Annual Mr. Nude Seattle Contest
8th Annual Mr. Nude Seattle Contest
by Teriyaki Temple (David Luc Nguyen) - SGN A&E Writer

What's better than watching sexy naked men? Watching sexy naked men while helping out charity. The 8th annual Mr. Nude Seattle Contest will take place at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center on Monday, March 27th, 2006 benefiting local charities. In the past the contest has raised money for non-profits such as The Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle, SASG, Chicken Soup Brigade and Life Long Aids Alliance.

Mr. Nude Seattle 2005 2006 Richard will pass his title to a hot and talented individual after year of being a sex symbol in Seattle's Gay community. Many well qualified? men are vying to fill his shoes (or whatever the heck he wears) this year. Competitors will compete in three categories including a first look (fully clothed), a striptease (where he will strip down to his birthday suit) and finally contestants will wow the judges with their superior intellect in the question and answer segment (also in the nude). . . Isn't that kind of backwards? Aren't people competing supposed to imagine the audience naked?

How will a winner be determined? Judges will look for performance quality, creativity in their talent, and how comfortable contestants are in the nude. I'm surprised there isn't another set of criteria for contestants such as girth, length and straightness. This years judging panel is made up of community members and sponsors including Rplace, AMVC Video, MGW magazine, The Wet Spot and The Elite Tavern. If the contestants are as anywhere as hot as previous years, the judges will have a hard decision to make (no pun intended).

For those of you reading who think that you could win or just enjoy showing off your "goods" considering running for Mr. Nude Seattle. Winners receive the title, sash and a $500.00 cash prize. At the very least you walk away with a brand new fan base. For more information contact pageant founder and producer Martin Storm at

Finally, come and indulge your fantasies at the Mr. Nude Seattle contest on Monday, March 27th and help out those less fortunate than yourself, admission is only $20.00 (that's a reasonable price, I looked up the admission price to De Ja Vu and Lusty Lady and they are more expensive and definitely not as festive)!

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