March 3, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 09
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Dame Elizabeth Taylor gives mobile medical treatment center for HIV/AIDS to New Orleans
Dame Elizabeth Taylor gives mobile medical treatment center for HIV/AIDS to New Orleans
Dame Elizabeth Taylor, founding chairman of AMFAR and The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF,) turns 74 next Monday (Feb. 27) and is giving herself a major present to celebrate the event. The actress, humanitarian and jewelry and perfume designer/mogul, has purchased a Mobil Medical Unit.. what has been described as a small, traveling state-of-the-art treatment center.. which will be presented to the New Orleans AIDS Taskforce and to beleaguered city of New Orleans on her birthday to augment the limited reinstitution of hospital care at a time of the return of Hurricane Katrina refugees no longer being provided housing by FEMA.

"Dame Elizabeth's mobile unit, which she commissioned several months ago and which she is stocking and will continue to stock with needed medicines and medical equipment, will provide vital health aid and care for the many people living in New Orleans with HIV/AIDS, especially important since virtually all of the local HIV/AIDS clinics were closed down by the flood" it was announced by Martin Delaney, founder of Project Inform which is facilitating the application of the unit to the devastated city's medical needs and which oversaw construction of the mobile unit..

Delaney noted, "Elizabeth Taylor pioneered the address of AIDS over two decades ago and has turned her full and enormous energies to the defeat of the disease and to humane treatment of those who suffer it. Her leadership in AMFAR and to her own Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation have been an inspiration to all of us in this field. The Elizabeth Taylor Endowment Fund is also underwriting the recently opened Clinical AIDS Research and Education Center in Los Angeles in association with UCLA."

A Taylor press release

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