January 27, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 04
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'Gay Whistler Ski Week' ready to go with new event producers and small changes to agenda
'Gay Whistler Ski Week' ready to go with new event producers and small changes to agenda
by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A&E Writer

2006 Gay Whistler Ski Week

Whistler, British Columbia - February 5 through 12

For detailed information, visit

Get that ski jacket ready and those form-fitting jeans pressed because "Gay Whistler Ski Week" is just days away. The combination of winter-type sports and round the clock parties should be enough to fetch a duffel bag and head to British Columbia for this year's festivities.

This week saw two whopping changes to the event, the name and dates. "Altitude", as it was called last week, fell by the wayside when former producers Out on the Slopes canceled everything due to contractual issues. Enter Gay Whistler, who literally saved the day, and rescheduled the entire thing under its direction. Wild. But very cool. The show goes on with new dates confirmed as February 5 through 12.

As previously mentioned in the Seattle Gay News, we'll be there for the first half of Gay Whistler Ski Week to join in the fun and celebration. First stop, Vancouver. Then it's onto Whistler. I recommended two hotels in Vancouver to stay at in last week's issue, Opus Hotel (322 Davie Street, and Sandman Suites (1160 Davie, But I didn't suggest any accommodations in Whistler. The reason is simple. I've never been there before and don't feel comfortable referring anyone to places I have no clue about. However, you can visit for information regarding hotels and all details about the event, including tiny changes to the week's activities.

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